episode seventy-four: depression 101 - how to help your kids

Join Heather & Jon as they talk about ways to identify depression in your kiddo, and first steps toward helping them improve their mood.  This is the first in a 3 part series all about depression - but not worry, while it sounds like it'll be a depressing few weeks, The Fringy Bit wouldn't be The Fringy Bit without the humor, so even in the midst of the gloom we'll bring the light side!

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Elite Dangerous

episode seventy-three: what's it like to live with dyspraxia?

Join Heather & KBEAR (!) as we talk all things dyspraxia.  KBear shares her experiences living with dyspraxia and we consider ways you might recognize if your child has this type of different wiring.  As an added bonus, hear how we normalize talking about different wiring and maintain positive feelings of self-worth in the midst of the challenges of being different.

As a side note - apologies for the occasional sound distortion.  As we share, people with dyspraxia tend to have fluctuating vocal volumes, which made it a bit challenging to get the mix just right for our dear KBear.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Let Me Talk app

episode seventy-two: Impulsive Blurts of Rightness

Does your gifted kid have a tendency to correct every. little. thing.?  Ahem . . . Or maybe you do?  Join Heather and Jon as they discuss that incessant need to be right or perfect or to just not be able to let things go.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Kobi Yamada & Mae Besom's books:  What Do You Do With a Problem?  With an Idea?  With           a Chance?
     Deb Douglas' book:  The Power of Self-Advocacy for Gifted Learners

episode seventy - dysgraphia

Join Heather and Cub (!) as we talk about dysgraphia . . . what is it?  How do you know if your child (or you) may have it?  What do you do about it?  Jon was busy working, so Heather had the pleasure of recording with Cub, who happens to have a touch of the ol' dysgraphia himself.  So in this episode, you get to hear the experience of dysgraphia from a parent's perspective and from one of our fringy kiddos!

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episode sixty-seven: Fringy Grandparenting & a Smackerel of Finances

Welcome Grandad (!!) to the Fringy Bit talky bit!  Heather & Jon chat with Roger Boorman, so yes, you get 2 handsome English accents for the price of one, about what it's like to be the grandparent of these fringy kiddos of ours.  Just in time for holiday family gatherings, join us as we consider strategies to nurture relationships and understanding with our extended families.  As an added bonus, we managed to take advantage of Grandad's decades of experience as a financial planner to get a little general financial advice, too!  Enjoy!

episode sixty-four: unfair advantage? or accommodation?

In this episode, Heather and Jon talk about hidden disabilities and the mindset shift needed to view and advocate for accommodations for our fringy kids appropriately.

Gifted, 2e, ADHD, Autism, SPD, Executive Functioning Issues, Other Neurodiversities

Mentioned in this episode:
Children Come First Conference
Wisconsin Association of Talented & Gifted
The Wilderness
Dr. Ross Greene

episode sixty-three: embracing intensity

Heather & Jon welcome Aurora Remember to the podcast this week!  Together we chat about managing our intense personalities as adults, differences between intense men and intense women, and enjoy a few laughs along the way.  A quick note - we recorded this interview pre-concussion and apologize that we weren't able to air it before the fall challenge mentioned in the podcast.  Be sure to check out her site for other great resources!

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Aurora Remember
Self Reg
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Talk Like Ted
The Explosive Child
How to Be an Adult


Keeping our cool is freezing our aliveness
— David Richo

episode sixty-two: grown-ups with complex minds

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, most of us with gifted or 2e kids have our own giftedness and different wiring to contend with.  Paula Prober joins Heather & Jon in this episode to talk about strategies to care for ourselves as gifted adults with rainforest minds!

Mentioned in this episode:

Your Rainforest Mind, blog & book, by Paula Prober
How Soon is Now?
Trauma and the Soul
The Plant Plus Diet Solution

episode sixty-one: Managing Risk Avoidance

After an unexpected 2 month hiatus (thanks, concussion!), WE'RE BACK!! Glad to be back with the Bits and to be able to finally share this fantastic interview with Mark Talaga, therapist with the Center for Identity Potential.  Mark talks to Heather & Jon about typical signs that your child might be avoiding risk, typical causes of avoiding risk, and strategies to help your child learn to take appropriate risks.  Enjoy!

episode sixty: Back to School!

It's that time of year for many students . . . Back to School!  And while this can be exciting or dreaded or anxiety-producing, for our Fringy Families, it's often a magical mixture of all the Big Feels.  Join Heather & Jon as we chat all things back to school.

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     episode 52 on Executive Functioning with Scott Lutostanski

episode fifty-nine: vestibular sense

Join Heather and Jon as they talk about ears, getting dizzy, and the vestibular sense.  Many of our differently wired kiddos have differently wired senses of balance and movement.  This episode will talk about ways to meet those differing needs.

Mentioned in this episode:
     The Good Doctor
     Brains On!  Podcast
     super smooth ceiling spinner for DIY vestibular fun


episode fifty-seven: Co-Parenting a Meltdown

When you have a differently wired kid (gifted, 2e, asd, spd, adhd, etc), meltdowns happen.  When meltdowns happen in the midst of 2 parents, it is inevitable that you both will see things differently and have your own unique ways of intervening.  Join Heather & Jon as they discuss the challenges of co-parenting through a meltdown.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Office Space
     Cosmic Yoga


episode fifty-six: discipline & the legalistic kid

These differently wired kids of ours can be a challenge to guide, correct, and discipline.  Whether autism, sensory processing, adhd, giftedness, or some magical 2e mixture of them all, these differences can often tempt us into power struggles and other unhelpful strategies.  The struggle is real, but in this episode, Heather & Jon do their best to give some practical ways to lead our children (and ourselves!) through it.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Your Rainforest Mind, by Paula Prober
     SENG Conference
     Deb Douglas & self-advocacy
     Ross Greene & Collaborative Problem Solving
     Brene Brown & Shame

episode fifty-five Perseverance

Heather and Jon are SO excited to welcome Simon Calcavecchia to the Fringy Bit podcast!  Simon is the author and creator of the Frank and Mustard series and shares his story of living with quadriplegia.  During the interview, we talk about ways to foster perseverance and a resilient mindset with our differently wired kiddos.  

Mentioned in this episode:
     Frank & Mustard books/music
     Positive Disability Language
     Rugby Scrum
     Animal Man


Do or do not, there is no try.
— Yoda