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The Fringy Bit Podcast

Listen to Jon & Heather discuss the ups and downs of loving children who are differently wired.  We provide REAL support and stories; no sugar-coating here!  And, we aim to provide this support and stories for Parents.  So many of the higher needs podcasts out there focus on ways to help the kids, which is great, but we really want to support the whole family and to let parents focus on their own wellness for 20-30 minutes.  Check it out here.


Fringy facebook

Our facebook page exists to allow REAL interaction between all of us living the fringy life.  We pose questions for our community to answer, look for stories and strategies to share on our podcast, answer your questions, and facilitate REAL support.  No shaming allowed!  Heather & Jon bring their experiences as a fringy family along with their expertise as licensed mental health professionals.  Think of it this way - you can get 2 professional perspectives FREE!  Join the conversation @ facebook/thefringybit


@thefringybit on twitter

Our twitter feed provides daily self-care, humor, and reminders that you are not alone.  Quick tips and questions are also posted.  Join us @thefringybit


The Fringy Blog

Looking for longer form reading?  Check out the posts to our blog.  Sometimes personal, sometimes professional, always REAL.  Just a page away, click here to read!