The Fringy Bit exists to create community and support for people who love differently wired individuals.  But, we cannot create community alone!  Please review the options below and consider how you can support the Fringy Bit.  Thank you!!


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Your contribution allows us to connect people and create community around the world.  Help us help others feel a little less on the Fringe of society.
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BONUS:  Anyone contributing $100 or more will receive their very own, customized "Lakey", complete with Fringy Bits!

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Be a voice for the Fringy Bit!  Share your story.  All of it.  The REAL story.  Tell your friends and family about the unique needs of differently wired individuals. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join the Fringy Bit now and make an impact!  Complete the form below to join our e-mail list, share your story, or give us feedback.


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