higher needs

episode thirty-three: Asking for Help

Having a fringy family (autism, spd, giftedness,adhd, differently wired, 2e) necessitates asking for help.  And yet, often it seems asking for help is extremely difficult to do.  Listen in as Heather & Jon talk about reasons we find it difficult accepting help and strategies to begin changing this.


Mentioned in this episode:
     Black Sails
     Amazon Prime & Kindle Unlimited
     book - The Butterfly Garden

episode thirty: Co-Parenting Part 2

Parenting is difficult.  Parenting Fringy Kids who are gifted, twice exceptional, autistic, or otherwise differently wired is super difficult.  Parenting Fringy Kids with a co-parent you like, is super duper difficult.  Parenting Fringy Kids with a co-parent you are no longer partnered with, is difficult beyond words!  Brian Burns joins us in this episode to give tips, tricks, and support for all of you who are doing the complex work of co-parenting with someone who isn't on the same page as you.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Dr. Gottman - contempt
     DEAR MAN - assertiveness (Describe, Express, Assert, Reinforce, Mindfulness, Act
                           Confidently, Negotiate)
     The Body Keeps the Score

How to Reach Brian:
     Burns Family Consulting offices in Hudson, WI & Woodbury, MN; burnstherapy@gmail.com