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episode sixty: Back to School!

It's that time of year for many students . . . Back to School!  And while this can be exciting or dreaded or anxiety-producing, for our Fringy Families, it's often a magical mixture of all the Big Feels.  Join Heather & Jon as we chat all things back to school.

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     episode 52 on Executive Functioning with Scott Lutostanski

episode fifty-six: discipline & the legalistic kid

These differently wired kids of ours can be a challenge to guide, correct, and discipline.  Whether autism, sensory processing, adhd, giftedness, or some magical 2e mixture of them all, these differences can often tempt us into power struggles and other unhelpful strategies.  The struggle is real, but in this episode, Heather & Jon do their best to give some practical ways to lead our children (and ourselves!) through it.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Your Rainforest Mind, by Paula Prober
     SENG Conference
     Deb Douglas & self-advocacy
     Ross Greene & Collaborative Problem Solving
     Brene Brown & Shame

episode fifty-five Perseverance

Heather and Jon are SO excited to welcome Simon Calcavecchia to the Fringy Bit podcast!  Simon is the author and creator of the Frank and Mustard series and shares his story of living with quadriplegia.  During the interview, we talk about ways to foster perseverance and a resilient mindset with our differently wired kiddos.  

Mentioned in this episode:
     Frank & Mustard books/music
     Positive Disability Language
     Rugby Scrum
     Animal Man


Do or do not, there is no try.
— Yoda

episode fifty-three: choosing camps and activities

Choosing the right fit in a summer camp or activity can be tricky for our differently wired kiddos.  Whether gifted, 2e, adhd, asd, spd, or other differences, our kids often don't fit the typical age range or interests as other kids.  Heather and Jon chat about ways to find the right fit of activities for your kiddo.

Mentioned in this episode:
Silicon Valley
Hoagies' Gifted Blog Hop:  Balancing Boredom and Burnout
SENG's annual conference

episode forty-seven: Let's Talk About Sex

As if the title doesn't give it away, in this episode, Heather and Jon talk about how to talk to your fringy kids (gifted, asd, 2e, spd, etc) about sex.

Mentioned in this episode:
    Monument Valley
    MC Escher

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episode forty-four: Auditory Processing Tidbits

In this episode, Heather & Jon discuss auditory issues and strategies to help your fringy child (gifted, autism, adhd, spd) cope.

Mentioned in this episode:
     "Different" by Sally Clarkson & Nathan Clarkson
     "Gifted" movie

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episode forty-three: Relationships Part 5 - Your Adult Relationship

Fringy kids can wreak havoc on any adult relationship.  Join Heather and Jon in this episode, as they talk a bit about relationships and ways to keep your primary adult relationship strong.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Alan Partridge, bit one
     Gifted, the movie

Enter the contest!
     You have 2 ways to be entered to win a gift package from "Gifted".  Do them both and you get 2 entries!
     1 - leave a review of the Fringy Bit podcast on itunes, take a screenshot of your review and email it to contact@thefringybit.com
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episode forty-two: Relationships Part 4 - Bullying

Unfortunately, many of our differently wired loved ones have to deal with bullies.  In this episode, Heather & Jon begin to scratch the surface of the topic of bullies.  In it they discuss the myth that bullies have low self-esteem and introduce a few skills that our bullied kiddos can be taught.

episode forty-one: Relationships Part 3 - Family Structure

Oh families!  They are lovely and complicated and so much more when impacted by fringy-ness.  In this episode, Heather & Jon discuss the structures of families.  In particular, they respond to an article that has been circling the internet about the roles of children within a family.  Share your thoughts on the Fringy Bit Facebook page.

Mentioned in this episode:
     The Article

episode forty: Relationships Part 2 - Knowing Yourself

To be in any type of quality relationship, we first must know ourselves.  For our fringy kids, part of knowing themselves is knowing what makes them fringy.  In this episode, Heather and Jon talk about how to talk to your kids about how they're wired.  Whether your child is gifted, twice exceptional, has autism, sensory processing disorder, adhd, or any other type of difference, its important to talk to them about it.  Heather and Jon share their strategies, as parents, and as mental health professionals.

episode thirty-nine: Relationships

Relationships.  We all need 'em.  But they can often be complicated and difficult to navigate, and for our fringy kids (autism, gifted, twice exceptional, adhd, spd, etc), relationships can be extra complicated.  This episode is the first of a several part series in which Heather & Jon talk all things relational.  In this episode, we talk about the importance of relationships, finding your tribe, and staying true to yourself.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Brene Brown

episode thirty-seven: Love & Sibling Stuff

As if parenting a fringy kiddo isn't complicated enough, us fringy families often choose to have other kiddos to love and raise.  Sometimes these kiddos mimic fringy behaviors.  Sometimes these kiddos make it quite clear that the differing expectations feels incredibly unfair.  And always these kiddos need to be loved in their very own unique way.  In this episode, Heather and Jon talk about ways to meet each of our children's needs and how to normalize loving them each uniquely.

Mentioned in this episode:
     The 5 Love Languages
     The Sibling Slambook
    Views From Our Shoes   

episode thirty-six: What To Do When Your Younger Child Surpasses Their Older Sibling

When raising more than one fringy kid (gifted, 2e, autism, spd, adhd, etc), there's a strong likelihood that a younger sibling will become more advanced in a particular subject or area than their older sibling.  Here's how Heather and Jon deal with this potential problem.

Mentioned in this episode:

power poses - Amy Cuddy
Jason Silva - shots of awe
Ian Byrd - Curiosities & Puzzlements; byrdseed.com
The Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix comedy - be forewarned, it gets dark and somewhat gruesome)
Special Needs Homeschooling Facebook Group

episode thirty-three: Asking for Help

Having a fringy family (autism, spd, giftedness,adhd, differently wired, 2e) necessitates asking for help.  And yet, often it seems asking for help is extremely difficult to do.  Listen in as Heather & Jon talk about reasons we find it difficult accepting help and strategies to begin changing this.


Mentioned in this episode:
     Black Sails
     Amazon Prime & Kindle Unlimited
     book - The Butterfly Garden

episode thirty-two: Identifying BIG Emotions

Anyone with a Fringy Kid (gifted, 2e, autism, spd, adhd, etc) know that emotions can get big and out of control very quickly and very intensely.  Join Heather and Jon in this episode, as they discuss a tool which has helped many children (and adults!) learn how to identify how they are feeling and gives a language for them to share how they are feeling.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Zones of Regulation

episode thirty-one: All Things IEP

Seeing as fringy kids are differently wired (gifted, 2e, ASD, SPD, etc), they often learn differently than more typical kiddos.  This can make navigating the public school system complicated.  Heather & Jon are excited to have Toni Chambers from Wisconsin Family Ties join us in this episode to explain the IEP (individualized education plan) process and provide tips for parents to utilize to garner effective working relationships with school while determining best strategies to help their fringy kid learn.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Wisconsin Family Ties
    Wisconsin Family Ties Facebook
     504 Plans
     Wright's Law
     WI Specific Information on IEP Process
     Ross Greene
     Book:  Tidying Up

episode twenty-nine: DIY Sensory Tools

Have you ever tried to find OT tools or equipment to allow your sensory dysregulated or intensely psycho-motor child to modulate themselves at home?  Aren't they ridiculously expensive?!?  In this episode, Heather and Jon share hacks and DIY strategies that they've used to create their very own indoor OT playground.  Perfect for gifted, ASD, SPD, even neurotypical kids!  Listen along as you learn ways to be kind to your wallet and still get the tools you and your child need.

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Mentioned in this episode:
     Mr. Loverman by Shabba Ranks
     Destination Imagination
     Light Projector (this isn't the one we bought, so it may be better quality, but it's essentially the same type of thing)
     Spinny, Turny Hook Things
     Hammock Swing
     Net Hammock Swing
     peanut ball

And, stay tuned!  We're working on getting some pics of our creations up soon!

episode twenty-eight: interoceptive sense & co-parenting part I

In this episode, Heather & Jon begin to answer a few questions from the Bits.  First, more info about the interoceptive sense and a couple of things that may be helpful if your differently wired (gifted, Autism, SPD, 2e, etc) kiddo has mixed up interoception.  Also, a discussion about co-parenting, whether living apart or together, and the challenges of parenting together when each parent can be in a very different place with regard to the grief and acceptance process of having a differently wired child.

Mentioned in this episode:
     EMDR (see the brief info on Boorman Counseling.com or for more information or to find a certified EMDR therapist near you, check out emdria.org)