episode sixty: Back to School!

It's that time of year for many students . . . Back to School!  And while this can be exciting or dreaded or anxiety-producing, for our Fringy Families, it's often a magical mixture of all the Big Feels.  Join Heather & Jon as we chat all things back to school.

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episode fifty-seven: Co-Parenting a Meltdown

When you have a differently wired kid (gifted, 2e, asd, spd, adhd, etc), meltdowns happen.  When meltdowns happen in the midst of 2 parents, it is inevitable that you both will see things differently and have your own unique ways of intervening.  Join Heather & Jon as they discuss the challenges of co-parenting through a meltdown.

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episode fifty-three: choosing camps and activities

Choosing the right fit in a summer camp or activity can be tricky for our differently wired kiddos.  Whether gifted, 2e, adhd, asd, spd, or other differences, our kids often don't fit the typical age range or interests as other kids.  Heather and Jon chat about ways to find the right fit of activities for your kiddo.

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episode forty-two: Relationships Part 4 - Bullying

Unfortunately, many of our differently wired loved ones have to deal with bullies.  In this episode, Heather & Jon begin to scratch the surface of the topic of bullies.  In it they discuss the myth that bullies have low self-esteem and introduce a few skills that our bullied kiddos can be taught.

episode forty: Relationships Part 2 - Knowing Yourself

To be in any type of quality relationship, we first must know ourselves.  For our fringy kids, part of knowing themselves is knowing what makes them fringy.  In this episode, Heather and Jon talk about how to talk to your kids about how they're wired.  Whether your child is gifted, twice exceptional, has autism, sensory processing disorder, adhd, or any other type of difference, its important to talk to them about it.  Heather and Jon share their strategies, as parents, and as mental health professionals.

episode thirty-nine: Relationships

Relationships.  We all need 'em.  But they can often be complicated and difficult to navigate, and for our fringy kids (autism, gifted, twice exceptional, adhd, spd, etc), relationships can be extra complicated.  This episode is the first of a several part series in which Heather & Jon talk all things relational.  In this episode, we talk about the importance of relationships, finding your tribe, and staying true to yourself.

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     Brene Brown

episode thirty-six: What To Do When Your Younger Child Surpasses Their Older Sibling

When raising more than one fringy kid (gifted, 2e, autism, spd, adhd, etc), there's a strong likelihood that a younger sibling will become more advanced in a particular subject or area than their older sibling.  Here's how Heather and Jon deal with this potential problem.

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episode thirty-two: Identifying BIG Emotions

Anyone with a Fringy Kid (gifted, 2e, autism, spd, adhd, etc) know that emotions can get big and out of control very quickly and very intensely.  Join Heather and Jon in this episode, as they discuss a tool which has helped many children (and adults!) learn how to identify how they are feeling and gives a language for them to share how they are feeling.

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     Zones of Regulation

episode thirty-one: All Things IEP

Seeing as fringy kids are differently wired (gifted, 2e, ASD, SPD, etc), they often learn differently than more typical kiddos.  This can make navigating the public school system complicated.  Heather & Jon are excited to have Toni Chambers from Wisconsin Family Ties join us in this episode to explain the IEP (individualized education plan) process and provide tips for parents to utilize to garner effective working relationships with school while determining best strategies to help their fringy kid learn.

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