episode thirty-seven: Love & Sibling Stuff

As if parenting a fringy kiddo isn't complicated enough, us fringy families often choose to have other kiddos to love and raise.  Sometimes these kiddos mimic fringy behaviors.  Sometimes these kiddos make it quite clear that the differing expectations feels incredibly unfair.  And always these kiddos need to be loved in their very own unique way.  In this episode, Heather and Jon talk about ways to meet each of our children's needs and how to normalize loving them each uniquely.

Mentioned in this episode:
     The 5 Love Languages
     The Sibling Slambook
    Views From Our Shoes   

episode thirty-six: What To Do When Your Younger Child Surpasses Their Older Sibling

When raising more than one fringy kid (gifted, 2e, autism, spd, adhd, etc), there's a strong likelihood that a younger sibling will become more advanced in a particular subject or area than their older sibling.  Here's how Heather and Jon deal with this potential problem.

Mentioned in this episode:

power poses - Amy Cuddy
Jason Silva - shots of awe
Ian Byrd - Curiosities & Puzzlements;
The Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix comedy - be forewarned, it gets dark and somewhat gruesome)
Special Needs Homeschooling Facebook Group

episode twelve - Fringy Siblings from a Grown-Ups Perspective

Here's the second part of our 2 episode series on being a sibling of a Fringy Kid.  In this episode, Heather & Jon are joined by Katie Robinson, licensed mental health therapist with Catalyst Mental Health in Bloomington, MN.  Katie also has the distinction of being both a parent of a Fringy Kid, and a sibling of a Fringy Kid.

Mentioned in this episode:

Catalyst Mental Health
Book - Raising a Sensory Smart Child
Book - The Out of Sync Child has Fun

episode eleven - Fringy Siblings from a Kid's Perspective

Siblings of Fringy Kids have their own unique needs and experiences.  This episode is the first of a 2-part series in which Heather & Jon interview Fringy Sibs.  In this one, we interview Cub, who shares his perspective as an 11 year old big brother to a KBear who has sensory processing disorder and traits of autism.

Mentioned in this episode:
Zones of Regulation