episode fifty-seven: Co-Parenting a Meltdown

When you have a differently wired kid (gifted, 2e, asd, spd, adhd, etc), meltdowns happen.  When meltdowns happen in the midst of 2 parents, it is inevitable that you both will see things differently and have your own unique ways of intervening.  Join Heather & Jon as they discuss the challenges of co-parenting through a meltdown.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Office Space
     Cosmic Yoga


episode fifty-three: choosing camps and activities

Choosing the right fit in a summer camp or activity can be tricky for our differently wired kiddos.  Whether gifted, 2e, adhd, asd, spd, or other differences, our kids often don't fit the typical age range or interests as other kids.  Heather and Jon chat about ways to find the right fit of activities for your kiddo.

Mentioned in this episode:
Silicon Valley
Hoagies' Gifted Blog Hop:  Balancing Boredom and Burnout
SENG's annual conference

episode fifty-one: Yuck - Spring

While Spring brings about new growth, bright sunshine, and warmer weather, it also tends to bring crazy behaviors, more meltdowns, and general dis-ease among our fringy kids.  In this episode, Heather and Jon discuss why our differently-wired, gifted, 2e, autistic, SPD, ADHD kiddos might have a rough time in the Spring and things we can do to muddle through.

Mentioned in this episode:
     High-Tide / Low-Tide Homeschooling

episode fifty: 50 Things We've Learned Being Fringy Parents

In celebration of FIFTY episodes, we're listing off 50 things we've learned on our journey of raising 3 fringy (gifted, 2e, autism, spd, differently wired) kiddos.  We talk about everything from self-care to the ways different family members come accept fringy-ness to books read by Batman.  

Mentioned in this episode:
     "Extreme Ownership"
     The Tim Ferriss Show
     The Joe Rogan Podcast
     Brene Brown's TedTalk

episode forty-eight: Proprioceptive Sense

In this episode of the Fringy Bit, Heather and Jon talk all things proprioceptive. Many of our fringy kids (gifted, asd, 2e, spd, adhd, and other differently wired kiddos) struggle to get the right amount of proprioceptive input, which can lead to aggression, clumsiness, meltdowns, and more.  Join Heather and Jon as they share info, stories, and possible helps!

Mentioned in this Episode:
     Gold's Gym Weighted Vest

And a correction - KBear was listening to the podcast as I was editing it and she wanted to be sure all you bits know she actually has 8 pounds of weight in her vest, not 5.  :) 

episode forty-seven: Let's Talk About Sex

As if the title doesn't give it away, in this episode, Heather and Jon talk about how to talk to your fringy kids (gifted, asd, 2e, spd, etc) about sex.

Mentioned in this episode:
    Monument Valley
    MC Escher

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episode forty-three: Relationships Part 5 - Your Adult Relationship

Fringy kids can wreak havoc on any adult relationship.  Join Heather and Jon in this episode, as they talk a bit about relationships and ways to keep your primary adult relationship strong.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Alan Partridge, bit one
     Gifted, the movie

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episode thirty-seven: Love & Sibling Stuff

As if parenting a fringy kiddo isn't complicated enough, us fringy families often choose to have other kiddos to love and raise.  Sometimes these kiddos mimic fringy behaviors.  Sometimes these kiddos make it quite clear that the differing expectations feels incredibly unfair.  And always these kiddos need to be loved in their very own unique way.  In this episode, Heather and Jon talk about ways to meet each of our children's needs and how to normalize loving them each uniquely.

Mentioned in this episode:
     The 5 Love Languages
     The Sibling Slambook
    Views From Our Shoes   

episode thirty-five: Dyspraxia & Emotion Regulation Tools

Join Heather & Jon as we discuss a great resource for dyspraxic kiddos, and gather about a bazillion and one tools to help your differently wired (asd, spd, gifted, 2e, adhd, etc) child regulate their emotional and energy zone effectively!

Mentioned in this episode:
     Zoom Boom Kids
     Zones of Regulation
    Sallie Borrink