episode forty-eight: Proprioceptive Sense

In this episode of the Fringy Bit, Heather and Jon talk all things proprioceptive. Many of our fringy kids (gifted, asd, 2e, spd, adhd, and other differently wired kiddos) struggle to get the right amount of proprioceptive input, which can lead to aggression, clumsiness, meltdowns, and more.  Join Heather and Jon as they share info, stories, and possible helps!

Mentioned in this Episode:
     Gold's Gym Weighted Vest

And a correction - KBear was listening to the podcast as I was editing it and she wanted to be sure all you bits know she actually has 8 pounds of weight in her vest, not 5.  :) 

episode forty-five: Smells Like Gifted

If you haven't heard #giftedmovie is out in select cities and will soon be released nationwide.  Hear Jon, Heather, and Cub talk the pros and cons of the movie as they see it.  And then join Heather & Jon as they discuss two more senses . . . taste and smell.

Mentioned in this episode:

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episode twenty-four: Sensory Intensity

In this episode, Heather & Jon discuss the hypersensitive sensory systems that many gifted individuals can experience.  We consider strategies to help regulate these crazy sensual experiences of our gifted kiddos and ourselves!

Mentioned in this episode:  
     Engelbert Humperdinck (& his songs - he's still singing!)