sensory processing disorder

episode fifty-one: Yuck - Spring

While Spring brings about new growth, bright sunshine, and warmer weather, it also tends to bring crazy behaviors, more meltdowns, and general dis-ease among our fringy kids.  In this episode, Heather and Jon discuss why our differently-wired, gifted, 2e, autistic, SPD, ADHD kiddos might have a rough time in the Spring and things we can do to muddle through.

Mentioned in this episode:
     High-Tide / Low-Tide Homeschooling

episode forty-eight: Proprioceptive Sense

In this episode of the Fringy Bit, Heather and Jon talk all things proprioceptive. Many of our fringy kids (gifted, asd, 2e, spd, adhd, and other differently wired kiddos) struggle to get the right amount of proprioceptive input, which can lead to aggression, clumsiness, meltdowns, and more.  Join Heather and Jon as they share info, stories, and possible helps!

Mentioned in this Episode:
     Gold's Gym Weighted Vest

And a correction - KBear was listening to the podcast as I was editing it and she wanted to be sure all you bits know she actually has 8 pounds of weight in her vest, not 5.  :) 

episode thirty-five: Dyspraxia & Emotion Regulation Tools

Join Heather & Jon as we discuss a great resource for dyspraxic kiddos, and gather about a bazillion and one tools to help your differently wired (asd, spd, gifted, 2e, adhd, etc) child regulate their emotional and energy zone effectively!

Mentioned in this episode:
     Zoom Boom Kids
     Zones of Regulation
    Sallie Borrink

episode twenty-nine: DIY Sensory Tools

Have you ever tried to find OT tools or equipment to allow your sensory dysregulated or intensely psycho-motor child to modulate themselves at home?  Aren't they ridiculously expensive?!?  In this episode, Heather and Jon share hacks and DIY strategies that they've used to create their very own indoor OT playground.  Perfect for gifted, ASD, SPD, even neurotypical kids!  Listen along as you learn ways to be kind to your wallet and still get the tools you and your child need.

BONUS!!  Leave us a review on iTunes and you'll be entered to win an Amazon giftcard to help gathering these tools and supplies a "BIT" easier.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Mr. Loverman by Shabba Ranks
     Destination Imagination
     Light Projector (this isn't the one we bought, so it may be better quality, but it's essentially the same type of thing)
     Spinny, Turny Hook Things
     Hammock Swing
     Net Hammock Swing
     peanut ball

And, stay tuned!  We're working on getting some pics of our creations up soon!

episode twenty-eight: interoceptive sense & co-parenting part I

In this episode, Heather & Jon begin to answer a few questions from the Bits.  First, more info about the interoceptive sense and a couple of things that may be helpful if your differently wired (gifted, Autism, SPD, 2e, etc) kiddo has mixed up interoception.  Also, a discussion about co-parenting, whether living apart or together, and the challenges of parenting together when each parent can be in a very different place with regard to the grief and acceptance process of having a differently wired child.

Mentioned in this episode:
     EMDR (see the brief info on Boorman or for more information or to find a certified EMDR therapist near you, check out