episode twenty-four: Sensory Intensity

In this episode, Heather & Jon discuss the hypersensitive sensory systems that many gifted individuals can experience.  We consider strategies to help regulate these crazy sensual experiences of our gifted kiddos and ourselves!

Mentioned in this episode:  
     Engelbert Humperdinck (& his songs - he's still singing!)

episode sixteen - Imaginational Intensity

Join Heather and Jon as they discuss the creative side of gifted kiddos.  In this episode we consider the pros and cons of having intense imaginations and strategies to help manage these creative minds.

Mentioned in this episode:
     Traveler's Notebook
     Nightmares vs Night Terrors
     Ha-Ha, Jonathan Boorman!  I did find a way to make a recorder out of a tube and found it in 10
           seconds on the first search!